March 14-15th, 2024, Chalon sur Saône

French-German Symposium on XIRCON


The theme of the French-German symposium was "eXtended Intelligence for Rapid Cognitive Reconfiguration", which also encapsulates the essence of the Innovation Campus Future Mobility project XIRCON.

Rapid reconfiguration in manufacturing is critical in today's fast-paced market, where volatile customer demands, short product life cycles, and diverse product variants necessitate swift, adaptable manufacturing systems. Traditionally, these adjustments are performed manually, leading to time-consuming and error-prone processes. The XIRCON project endeavors to transform this scenario by offering a holistic solution that integrates Digital Twins, eXtended Reality, and Artificial Intelligence. This initiative aims to facilitate faster, more efficient reconfiguration processes, minimizing downtime and enhancing overall productivity.

February 10th, 2024, Metz

Graduation ceremony of double-degree students


Students in the French-German double-degree program received their Engineering Diploma and the certificate of the French-German University, proudly presented to the camera. Congratulations to all of them and good luck for the future!

 French-German Institute for Industry of the FutureFrench-German Institute for Industry of the Future
November 7th, 2023, Karlsruhe

Steering Committee Meeting 2023

A delegation from Arts et Métiers ParisTech visited KIT on November 7th, 2023 for the Steering Committee meeting of the French German Institute for Industry of the Future, a strategic partnership in education, research & innovation between both institutions. Many projects are on the agenda for the upcoming year.