New French-German Doctoral School of the French-German Institute for Industry of the Future


The doctoral school of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and École Nationale Supérieure d´Arts et Métiers is a subsequent manifestation of the mutually founded French-German Institute for “Industry of the Future” aiming to extend and develop the collaborations in training, research and innovation. The doctoral candidates are trained and participate in creating, transferring and transmitting the highest quality technology-oriented research and training to face future challenges (globalization, climate change, digitalization, energy and raw material change, etc.).

We are particularly committed to fostering cooperation in form of further training in order to upskill the actual industrial workforce and to train the next generation of engineers for mastering new challenges in the current and future manufacturing sector. Besides bicultural skills, this can only be reached by imparting interdisciplinary knowledge complementary to previous studies and employments of the PhD-candidates involved. We create a strong link between the French-German Institute for “Industry of the Future” and strategic industrial partners by research cooperation with major industrial players and innovative SMEs and thus accelerate the transfer of research results into industrial applications and markets.