French-German Tech Lab @ VIVA TECHNOLOGY 2023

Facing the growing need for technological autonomy and sovereignty in Europe, French-German cooperation is a logical response embodied perfectly by the French-German Tech Lab. The French-German Tech Lab, the unique binational booth at VIVA TECHNOLOGY, was inaugurated by the German Ambassador in France, Hans Dieter Lucas. Innovations in the both countries were presented by KIT, Arts et Métiers, TUM, IMT, DFKI, INRIA, DFH/UFA, AHK, de hub Digital Ecosystems, and the German states North Rhine-Westphalia and Saarland.
All partners were encouraging meetings between startups, innovation labs, investors and businesses from both sides of the French-German border. Around 140 French and German startups, which explore several different fields of technology like Artificial Intelligence, Industry 4. 0, Green Tech, Deep Tech/Tech on the Edge, Health, B2B Enterprise, Mobility and Future of Work, presented themselves.
Four Start-ups of KIT offered Solutions for B2B (MARA Solution which automatically analyses thousands of customers feedbacks), for mobility (SafeAD with a new autonomous driving software that does not rely on expensive AD maps), for health (Inventife with a room sensor that detects the presence, behavior and needs of people in the room) and for AI (Kimoknow with an AI object detection). And four start-ups of Arts et Métiers offered solutions for Industry 4.0 (DataLobster with a predictive maintenance solution for manufacturers and manufacturing companies) for mobility (Möbius Bike with bikes produced out of recycled products and Pelican Cycles specialized in cyclo-logistic) and for sustainability (Valterio with innovative materials for the eco-construction).
The French-German Institute for Industry of the Future presented the XIRCON project, a French-German cooperation in production x deeptech between KIT und Arts et Métiers.